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What is Climate Change?

What does it do to affect our Lives on this planet?

Watch the video below to know more.

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Climate Change and Global Warming


The climate is changing at an alarming rate. Earth is warming up and there is now devastating scientific consensus that it is indeed happening – and it is primarily caused by humans.

As the world heats up, patterns in climate change with it. This will mean more extreme and unpredictable weather across the globe. A lot of regions will be hotter, some wetter, while others drier.

The planet’s atmosphere is being overwhelmed by heat-trapping carbon dioxide that threatens disruptions in climate, with catastrophic results.In the past few decades, the Earth has warmed by an average of nearly 1°C. It might just be a small figure but on a global scale, that is a huge increase that continues to create bigger, more alarming issues that humans and wildlife have to deal with. 

With global warming on the increase, life on Earth is being threated, with chances for ecosystems to adapt naturally steadily diminishing.

A lot of people have agreed that climate change is one of the greatest threats the world is currently facing. It is the biggest environmental and humanitarian crisis of our time.

Climate Watch probes into what causes climate change and global warming, the impacts to the environment, and what we must do to prevent even more disastrous consequences.

Mankind must act now before it’s too late!