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Climate change will hit Australia harder than rest of world, study shows

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A recent study shows that Australia could be on track for a rise in temperature by more than 5⁰C by the end of the 21st century. This will outstrip the rate of global warming experienced by the rest of the world, unless immediate action is taken to curb or completely eliminate any more greenhouse gas emissions. This was based on the most extensive analysis ever produced of Australia’s future climate.

According to this recent report, there was “very high confidence” that temperature would rise across the country throughout the century, with the average annual temperature set to be up to 1.3⁰C warmer by 2030 compared with the average experienced between 1986 and 2005.

The increase in temperature depend on how deeply, if at all, greenhouse gas emissions are slashed. The world is tracking at the higher emissions scenario, which means Australia will see an increase in temperature between 2.8⁰C and 5.1⁰C by the year 2090.

This “business-as-usual” approach to burning fossil fuels is set to warm up Australia even more than the rest of the world, with an average temperature increase of 2.6⁰C to 4.8⁰C by 2090.


To know more about this story, visit The Guardian.

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