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Which Countries Are Most Likely to Survive Climate Change?

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Yes, climate change is real, and it’s about to come. However, we are all going to be affected in different ways. It all comes down to your location. So how will your country fare?

The team at Eco Experts have put together an amazing infographic that is based on data from the Notre Dame Global Adaptation (ND-Gain) Index, a yearly ranking on which countries are vulnerable to global warming.

The infographic shows maps with a nice zoomed-out perspective of what’s about to happen to various countries as the Earth warms. However, there are a few caveats you need to consider:

  • The maps are based on country rankings. They are not comprehensive evaluations of each country.
  • The ranking looks only at the level of entire countries. All of the state-specific, region-specific, or city-specific data get somewhat lost in the zoomed-out perspective.


Check out the infographic in its entirety on the Business Insider.

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