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Monsanto’s Roundup Safe To Drink

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Roundup is a herbicide that contains Glyphosate as an active ingredient. A controversial lobbyist,Moore said thatthis productis harmless and people can drink it. The journalist challenged him to drink a glass of Roundup which he refused.Dr Moore also said that glyphosate which is theactive ingredients in Roundup herbicide is not the cause of increasing rate of cancer in Argentina. This was during an interview at canal+channel.Now, what is contained in Roundup and is this herbicide safe for human consumption?

Roundup is an effective weed killer and most of people use it for home maintenance.It is effective as it kills weed to the root never to appear again.It is the best herbicide and it is used by many farmers and industrial agriculture. For this worldwide use its residue is found in sugar, corn, soy and wheat. Roundup contains deadly active ingredient, glyphosate which enables it to kill weed fast but to kill human slowly.

Pesticide industry however maintains that glyphosate is minimally harmful to human but a study published by Journal Entropy shows otherwise. Thirty years ago Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) committee concluded that Roundup weed killer might cause cancer. EPA changed its decision six years later after studying the mouse they had been using to do the research.

The discussion is back and another agency claims that glyphosate in Roundup can cause cancer.World Health Organization claims that the mouse study that was carried out by Environmental Protection Agency is among the study that they used to support their claim.Monsanto have been angered by these claims.  According to WHO there are many causes of cancer but glyphosate contained in Roundup is the second agent causing cancer. Other agents that are stated in WHO report includes sunshine, alcohol and wooddust.

The vice president of Monsato, Philip Miller said that the safety of glyphosate has been examined by credible scientific bodies and hencesafe to be used by humans.The company has since asked WHO to retract the report saying that Roundup is safe to be used by farmers if they follow the instructions given.

Dr. Patrick Moore claimed that the herbicide is safe and you can even drink a whole quart and it will not hurt you.He said that many people have tried to commit suicide by taking Roundup but they did not die because the herbicide is safe.The journalist at canal+ channel offered him a drink of Roundup. Despite his claims that the drug was harmless for consumption he did not accept the drink he was given by the journalist.He said that he is not an idiot andwalked out of the interview calling the journalist a complete jerk.

Some reports are now saying that Moore is a lobbyist of Monsato, claims which Monsato have dismissed. Monsato have released a report saying that Moore is not their lobbyist and have never been their employee. Monsato have said that many people have used their products and their confidence in company’s product does not make them Monsato’slobbyist.



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