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US, India step up “Cooperation” on climate change

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On a meeting in Delhi on Sunday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with US President Barack Obama, announced new joint measures to promote and improve clean energy in India, primarily to support India’s solar energy target and to strengthen international climate action.

The two countries plan to cooperate closely together and with other countries to fight global climate change, laying out a set of goals in the hope that it “will expand policy dialogues and technical work on clean energy and low greenhouse gas emissions technologies.”

While the agreement is not as concrete as the emissions reductions agreement Obama reached with China last year, the deal includes efforts to cooperate on reducing fluorinated gas emissions, bolster India’s promotion of clean energy investment, and partner to reduce the debilitating effects of air pollution in many of India’s cities.

The agreement also emphasized that the US and India would “cooperate closely” for a “successful and ambitious” climate agreement in Paris late this year. During the said conference, 196 nations are expected to meet and tentatively agree a course of action to respond to climate change. This conference is widely considered to be the last and only chance for a global agreement that could feasibly control the alarming increase in global average temperature under 2⁰C.

“India’s voice is very important on this issue,” Obama said at a press meeting on Sunday. “Perhaps no country could potentially be more affected by the impacts of climate change and no country is going to be more important in moving forward a strong agreement than India.”


Read more about the US and India’s Climate and Clean Energy Cooperation in this White House fact sheet.

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