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Is Global Warming Real?


Global warming is one of the controversial subjects that has gained protagonists and many antagonists, yet the formers seem to play strong drums louder than latters. So the question here is not how we should define global warming but rather whether it is a reality or just mere fancies of scientists who decided to swim against the grain. The questions of that multifaceted topic seem to outnumber the few decent answers; however, we can at least scratch some facts and some evidence-based approach may clear out some dust concerning that matter.


Let’s first establish the ground by settling down on a notional definition of global warming that will serve as a scaffold for our little but full of twists journey in this topic that people leave it in the shadow since its results cannot be seen at micro level but rather on global scale. Global warming is defined  as is the increase of Earth’s average surface temperature due to the increasing rate of carbon dioxide being cited as the main cause for that. The carbon dioxide  is mainly released factories, and the fires that are set off in forests knowing that trees don’t really consume carbon dioxide but rather it stores it and can be released by these fires.


There are many voices that claim that global is a natural attritional process of the energy of the world that is being used up day after day. Accordingly, it’s no more than a process or a result that has started a long time before. The idea here is that humans have no hand in that since they are not the ones who make the rule of nature and the providence preordained that energy and the state of matter is of gradually diminutive nature.


The other side of the people, armatured with science; ambition for discovering causality, argue that it’s too simplistic to blame it on nature and to put forward that global warming like natural selection, is something fatal. National Aeronautics and Space Administration,namely NASA, sets some experiential evidence that depict the visible effects of global warming in the recent years. One of the main effects is the steadily increasing temperature that cannot be explained only by global warming. This has led the oceans to absorb much of this heat. Along with that, there has been an alarming shrinking of ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctic. As a result, the Arctic sea ice is in a continuous decline.

The recent natural disasters that kept striking many parts of the world is another sign that global warming is no more a natural process.


Away from whether it’s natural or not, one thing we are sure about and it’s effecting the life beings on earth is that we are likely to suffer from that. In other words, we have to enact and to foresee how to fight off and lessen the effects of global warming, so at least, we can think of alternative solutions that can be used placelessly and timelessly. We have to say with one chorus voice to global warming what Abraham Lincoln once said in the Inaugural Address: “With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in”. Are you ready?