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What’s Really Happening?

Climate Change – What’s really happening


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Climate change is a term given to the  shift in weather patterns around the world that can last decades or millions of years.  As you can see,  it has  already started with floods, storms, fires and so on down the long list. Climate change is mainly  caused by factors such as biotic processes, variations in solar radiation received by Earth, plate tectonics and volcanic eruptions, but the big question mark that is shared either by laymen or eggheaded people is simple and direct:  what’s really happening to this world? 


Many countries are experiencing longer winters and shorter summers, massive rain storms that cause  huge floods and countries that get too hot it causes apocalyptic fires.  According to some recent report, it is  said that in USA, the  frequency of tornadoes have increased, and in Australia climate change is causing drought which is driving some animals into starvation and worse than that: the extinction of their races.


Since the world is willy-nilly changing with the advance and ascendancy of new horizons of technology, even the word climate change is having new dimensions and getting larger and larger in a way that allows it to encapsulates the novel climate dilemmas.

 Every agrees that there is something going on with our climate and that there are things that are likely to be unavoidable to its nature. This leaves us with only three options: standing against this change with all our power, letting ourselves drift away by the storm of the change, or trying to adapt to the change and applying the soft silent change. Many of us would think that the first option is the most affordable and necessary resort. However, standing against climate change in that confrontational way will not change the fact that change is happening. What we can do is to make is turn the burden discourse of change into an opportunity where we can get benefits while trying to find sustainable solutions that can cut down on the tensity of this ever ongoing climate unrest.  In fact, there are a bunch of theories that  are trying to find some systematicity to that change so it can be able contain it or at least predict to some extent what will happen so we can be prepared for the cup to be emptied and filled again as the Shaolin monk put it in the movie of 2012.  What is really simply that the world is changing climate and not vice versa. This occurs in the public policies, in the attrition of the oneness of the humankind be it black or white, the increasing rat race where money and power turned out from variables to constants. What is really happening is that maybe it’s the time that look at inter-human climate, namely, the principles bases that define who we really are. More precisely, the extreme words or the utopian claim that climate change will be reduced or be got rid off is not rational and logic.


To put it in other words, what is really happening is that either you, I, he, or she are not doing the change hoping for other pronouns to sparkle the change: don’t blame it.


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